Offering Prayer and Penance for Legionary Growth

Fr. Randal Kasel has requested of the legionaries in the St. Paul and Minneapolis Praesidia to offer up prayer and penance for the growth of the Legion of Mary in three simple ways.  First of all, on all Fridays (even on those outside of Lent) to abstain from meat as an act of penance.  However, if you must eat meat, such as where not eating meat would offend a host in a friendly gathering or banquet, then, instead, during quiet prayer time, pray either a Chaplet of Divine Mercy or add an extra decade to your daily Rosary.  Secondly, pray the Memorare after the close of each weekly meeting with the intention to gain new members for the Legion of Mary.  Thirdly, once a month, after the close of a meeting (preferably the first meeting of the month), pray the Litany of Our Lady of Loreto (a.k.a. the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary) for growth of the Legion of Mary and for the strengthening of its active and auxiliary members. Our perseverance in these matters will be most pleasing to our Heavenly Mother and to the Holy Spirit.  We should expectantly await with immense joy many graces to strengthen us as legionaries.

Thank you to Fr. Kasel for these prayerful requests.


Please Note: This version of St. Bernard’s “Memorare” is shown only to convey an historical interpretation of his prayer.  Each praesidium is encouraged to pray the version of the Memorare they know best.


Three Simple Ways to Grow & Strengthen the Members of the Legion of Mary:

❶   Every Friday, abstain from meat (penance).

❷   Pray the Memorare at the close of every praesidium meeting.

❸   Once a month, pray the Litany of Loreto at the close of a praesidium meeting.